Frequently Asked Questions

What is my I.S.O Rating?

I.S.O. Ratings are used by the insurance industry to set fire insurance rates.  The Insurance Services Organization (I.S.O.) periodically inspects each jurisdiction and sets the rating based on the availability and adequacy of fire department response, water supply and testing/record keeping.

The current I.S.O. rating for the Central City Fire Department response area is a 6.

When I call for an ambulance, why does the fire department show up?

Gilpin County Ambulance is a separate agency responding from one of two stations within Gilpin County.  All CCFD firefighters are trained, at a minimum, to provide basic life support services and therefore are dispatched along with the ambulance to assist in providing emergency medical services.  If the emergency  is life-threatening, both EMS and Fire will be dispatched to ensure that there are adequate personnel to perform all necessary tasks to render the highest quality service.  Fire Department personnel are able to drive the ambulance if needed as well as perform emergency medical care.  The bottom line is we, along with the ambulance, do whatever it takes to get you the help you need in as little time as possible. 

Can we tour the station?
Absolutely!  The volunteer firefighters are always happy to show off their equipment and their station. 
However, the stations are not staffed 24 hours a day, so we encourage you to schedule a tour in advance by calling us at 303-582-3473 or emailing us at

If you are scheduling a group tour:
We would appreciate at least two weeks notice so we can coordinate your visit with other scheduled activities.