Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, about 40 miles west of Denver at an elevation of 8,500 feet, the Central City Fire Department has been serving the community  for nearly 150 years.  Established in 1869 for the sole purpose of extinguishing fires via bucket brigade, the Central City Fire Department has grown in size, responsibilities and services. 


Today, the Central City Fire Department provides a range of emergency services to about 800 residents and nearly 10,000 daily visitors of this historic community.  The volunteer-based fire department operates out of two stations - one downtown Central City and another on Golconda Road - and responds to  structure and wildland fires, traffic accidents, natural disasters, medical emergencies and water emergencies.  The department also provides fire education and inspection services and general public service to our residents. 

Central City Fire Department's volunteers are highly trained men and women who dedicate hundreds of hours of time each year.  Most of the volunteers are certified firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians and all of the volunteers are cross-trained and certified in wildland firefighting.  Because of the number of volunteers and the extensive training and certifications and the resources available, Central City Fire Department has been designated with a Public Protection Classification of 6 by the Insurance Services Office.  This classification affords the residents of our fire protection area a cost savings in homeowner's insurance.

 The mission of the dedicated volunteers of the Central City Fire Department is to enhance the quality of life of the residents and the enjoyment of the visitors through fire and injury prevention, education and protection of life and property.